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Physiotherapy help in Berkshire

For Parents and Families

​You want the best for your child and you may be here because you might suspect your child is not progressing in the right way. 

It might be that you have noticed all your friend’s children are already moving and yours isn’t, maybe a side of the body isn’t working as well as you would like, or your child gets into unusual positions that just doesn’t feel right to you.  It could be that your child just isn’t connecting physically or emotionally with your family. 

It can be a stressful time to know what to do best for your child.  I have worked with hundreds of families like yours.  I will work with you and together we will work to give support to your child’s development.

I can assess, how your child is developing; from a physical (gross and fine motor) and sensory point of view and whether these are inline with your child's speech and cognitive development.

I will work with you to support your child’s needs. Whether it is by signposting you to the appropriate source of help, designing a programme of care, working intensively on a 1:1 level or just having me there to observe and monitor your child's progress.

For Young Adults

When your young person leaves the children services you may feel you are unsupported with no where to turn to.  I can support you and your young person through this very important transition time with 1:1 physiotherapy sessions or sign posting you to the relevant adult services - you are not alone.

For Rehabilitation

If you have an adult or child that has had an extended stay in hospital, I can support your physical recovery. They may have had major surgery that involves bones and soft tissue (i.e. hip/knee replacement, SDR or multilevel surgery) Or have suffered a neurological injury (stroke, spinal cord injury, head injury), and you are either scared of moving or feel your recovery hasn't progressed the way you had hoped. We will work together to identify goals and I will support you with a programme of exercises to get you to those goals.

"Thank you for all you have done for (our son). We have really enjoyed your input. You have been amazing."

Parents of a boy.

"Thank you Kathy for making Finn stronger and more co-ordinated in the last year. He is doing so well."

Parents of a boy.

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