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Yoga in Finchamptead - What to expect

My Classes

My classes or 1:1 sessions are non-impact and safe, suitable for anyone.  It doesn’t matter your age, fitness level or size – my sessions are tailored to your needs and ability.  It is about practising yoga, not perfection.

In each session, we listen to our bodies and only go as far as we are able. Within a group session there are a variety of people, with experienced and novice yogis and yoginis working along side each other in harmony. Through my physiotherapy, I know what your body is designed to do, so if you have a bad knee or back, I will adapt the pose for you to make it safe for you. I am also up to date with the latest heath advice and research. During my classes, I share my knowledge to make sure you have current information to help you with your well-being.

My class is a place where you can come to relax, slow down, breathe and enjoy yourself.  Whether this is a 1:1 session or the general class.

We focus on learning to breathe in a way that enhances health and wellbeing whilst trying different postures.  The postures are built to reinforce the muscles around your spine, the core of your body. By stretching or holding poses (asana), your body slowly becomes more flexible and strong. As you learn to focus in on the sensations of the body, the mind begins to still and a space is found to relaxed and experience the real and whole you.


​​Please email me for more information and prices on 1:1 session or incorporation of yoga into your rehabilitation journey follow injury or a neurological diagnosis.  Depending up on your needs I will work along side and with other health care professionals to ensure you have the best outcome possible.

‘I very much enjoy your classes. I felt you catered the sessions to exactly what we needed and wanted. I felt very comfortable that I wasn't going to be pushing my body too far but equally during and after each session I could feel the positive benefits on my body physically and mentally. You're very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease every time." Mrs E.

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