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Katherine Geddes
About Katherine

Katherine Geddes is a highly experienced physiotherapist who specialised in working with children and their families.  She graduated from The University of the West of England with a BSc (hons) in 1998.  After completing her junior rotations, she began to specialise with working with adults with neurological conditions before specialising with children with neurodevelopment conditions within the UK and New Zealand.

Katherine had the great fortune to work at the world-renowned champion centre in Christchurch, New Zealand where she developed her skills in sensory processing, orthopaedics, developmental, and genetic conditions.  She has attended the Advanced Early Assessment and Intervention Bobath course, among others.  Over her career she has worked both in the NHS, private hospitals and centres, she has been involved with research, supervising and training up new physiotherapists to paediatrics as well as service development.

Katherine then trained as a yoga teacher.  She has enjoyed yoga since she was introduced to it by her mother at 15 years old. Kathy started to use aspects of yoga with the families she was working with finding it to be helpful, she decided that she needed to know more so she started the yoga teacher training, not expecting to become a yoga teacher; just for the joy of learning and understanding.  She now teaches a class in Finchampstead along side 1:1 yoga for therapeutic reasons and balancing up her private physiotherapy work and family life with yoga.

‘After having many yoga teachers with different styles, I was incredibly lucky to find Margaret Shepherd and through her the Traditional yoga association and Swami Ambikananda.  They helped to clear a path for me to walk along and so I find myself in a new landscape. I bring with me in depth knowledge of the body and of development but also the knowledge that we are all part of a symbiotic relationship whether that is as a child and a parent, a husband and a wife or the I and the universe.” K Geddes

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