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PHYSIOTHERAPY with Katherine, in Finchampstead

Your Journey To Recovery

Wherever you are on your journey to recovery, I can help you take care of your health.

I am a highly experienced neurological physiotherapist which means I treat developmental, neuromuscular and rheumatological conditions for babies, children, adolescents and young adults.  I work with an individual and their family to provide the best care and practice.  I also work with case managers and part of a holistic team

I specialise in looking after children and adults, helping them on their way to recovery through rehabilitation after an extended illness, stroke or injury, including people with chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I am great at giving people the help and means to get them up and moving after an extended stay in hospital.

"Kathy has worked wonders with Jess. She has great rapport and an ability to motivate and encourage. She is able to understand exactly what is needed and provide a goal centred approach. She is also helped us to get an understanding of just how Jess's brain is wired and how and why certain things might be difficult. This intuition helps us all to get the best out of physio and amazing results. " Rachel - Mum to Jess.

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